ChatGPT for customer service

Use GPT-4 to engage with leads, answer questions about your business, record customer data and connect any API of your choice

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Choose your template

Pick one of our ready-to-use templates and build your chatbot in less than 10 minutes. Just to name a few templates, Lead Qualifier (+ Sheets/Zendesk/Zoho), FAQ and free-form instructions, Order management, Application form, Password reset, Ticketing with Zendesk, Booking with Calendly

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Create dialogue scenarios

Replicate natural conversational exchanges between the chatbot and the user in Dialogue scenarios. AI will learn from these samples and be able to perform multi-step conversations and Actions (API-calls, Email notifications, etc).

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Integrate with your APIs

Integrate your systems through APIs so that the chatbot will be able to perform: bookings, account management, change order details, ticket cancelation, and many more. Feel free to use our built-in integrations with popular services such as Pabbly, Zapier, Zendesk, Shopify, Calendly, and Stripe.

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Connect via various channels

Integrate your chatbots with popular channels: Website, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twilio WhatsApp, Telegram, Twilio SMS, and more.

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Upload your documents

Add as many documents (website pages, articles, documentation, pdf/docx/csv files, KB, Intercom KB, Zendesk KB) as you want. The AI will search through them to find an answer to the user's question

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Tutorials and examples

Tutorial #1. Intro to Dialogue Scenarios

Tutorial #2. Intro to Actions. Application form sample

Tutorial #3. Intro to Domain Knowledge. FAQ sample

Tutorial #4. Checking the order status and canceling the order using chatbot

Tutorial #5. Resetting ServiceNow password

Tutorial #6. Connecting the telegram channel

Tutorial #7. Calendly integration

Tutorial 8. Zendesk integration

Building Lead Qualifier chatbot

Tutorial #10. Connecting the Whatsapp Channel

Getting Nasdaq stock prices with rapidapi (no sound)

Payments receiving chatbot in 2 minutes (no sound)

Lite version is here

Our pricings are based on usage.
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Advanced Usage

For Enterprises

$0.5-$4/100 bot responses
  • Unlimited number of administrators and agents
  • Up to 6000 words in Domain Knowledge
  • Unlimited number of Documents
  • 100+ Dialogue scenarios/FAQ required
  • Requires AI model training on every update
  • In person consultation and recommendations
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